If you’re a long-time subscriber to CS, there’s a chance your iTunes feed may have switched over to the Spanish feed. Here’s the fix . . . .

1) Unsubscribe the CS podcast and exit iTunes.

2) Go back into iTunes, go to the Store, search for “History of the Christian Church.”

3) Under the Podcasts section, make sure you’re seeing the English version. Re-subscribe. (BTW: The title of the podcast in iTunes is “The History of the Christian Church” not Communio Sanctorum. It’s a search feature technicality)

That should fix it for you. It has for others.

Here’s what happened . . .

When we started the Spanish edition of CS, we had to change the original feed from a generic label to one that designated it as “English.” The old feed that people had subscribed to wanted something to connect to, but instead of grabbing the new English feed, it decided it liked the Spanish feed more; so it went there by default.

Understand? Great, please explain it to me because I’m still mystified.


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